Expert meeting discussed Sustainable Development Goals indicator 2.4.1

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organized the FAO Expert meeting for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicator 2.4.1 at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy on 3-5 April 2017.  This meeting gathered statisticians and technical experts to support the methodological work being conducted for SDG indicator 2.4.1, which is defined as “Percentage of agricultural area under productive and sustainable agriculture.” Currently, there is neither an internationally recognized methodology nor time series data for this indicator. FAO, as the custodian of this indicator, has been leading the work on developing a methodology for this indicator, and this meeting is part of the process. 

Building on the initial concept of the indicator endorsed in March 2016 by the Inter-Agency Expert Group on SDGs (IAEGSDG) and further refinement of the methodology through technical consultations, the expert meeting discussed the sub-indicators of SDG indicator 2.4.1 by economic social and environmental dimension, thresholds, calculation and data collection.   Key materials are available at The outcome of this meeting will be integrated into the final draft of the concept note, which will be peer-reviewed, adjusted and put forward for final approval and endorsement by the IAEGSDG and the UN Statistics Council.

CAPSA will continue monitoring the progress in this global effort and disseminating relevant updates among its constituencies as part of its knowledge sharing service.