CAPSA-MARDI Regional Training Workshop on Transfer of Agricultural Technology with Specific Focus on "Application of ICT for Resilient Agriculture"


Monday, 17 July 2017 to Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Putrajaya, Malaysia

ESCAP’s Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture (CAPSA-UNESCAP), in collaboration with the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), organized the Regional Training Workshop on Transfer of Agricultural Technology with Specific Focus on "Application of ICT for Resilient Agriculture” from 18 to 20 July 2017.

Preceded by a one-day Technical Workshop on Distributional Effects of Disasters and Climate Change on Food Security in ASEAN, which was organized by the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) held on 17 July 2017, the CAPSA-MARDI Regional Training Workshop was attended by over 50 international and domestic participants including government officials from 12 Asia-Pacific countries.

Aiming at the enhancement of policymaking capacities to deal with multidimensional challenges of 1) promoting technological innovation and transfer, 2) national enhancing resilience of agriculture and food system to natural disasters and climate change, and 3) expanding the application of information and communication technology (ICT), commonly faced by Asia-Pacific developing countries, the programme effectively facilitated the knowledge-sharing on available policy options, national-level experiences and lessons learned, through a series of expert presentations, country reporting, interactive discussions and group work.

Some of the main points aired during our deliberations included:

  1. Technological innovation and ICT application are efforts that is needed to enhance agriculture resilience
  2. There is a need of a wider role of the public sector in designing, promoting and sustaining the implementation of technology transfer towards resilient agriculture
  3. Strengthened capacity is needed for adaptation to climate change, extreme weather, drought, flooding and other disasters to maintain healthy agriculture ecosystems
  4. Engagements at multiple levels such as regions, countries, corporate, and farm levels are needed to address the issues discussed.

The participants also discussed the needs for future regional cooperation and agreed, among others, to continue consultations towards the establishment of a regional platform to support enhanced knowledge exchange and networking.











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