ICT Implementation to Support Agricultural Development in Indonesia


Tuesday, 3 October 2017


CAPSA, Bogor


Mr. Dani Medionovianto, S.Pt., a senior extension worker of Indonesian Center for Agricultural Technology Assessment gave a lively presentation during CAPSA’s knowledge sharing event held on 4 October 2017. The presentation on “ICT Implementation to Support Agricultural Development in Indonesia” provided a glimpse to Indonesia’s effort to reach food sovereignty using ICT. The Ministry of Agriculture has developed several web and mobile applications aimed to disseminate information on Agricultural Innovation and Technology to the extension workers, farmers and the public. This was initiated after a study showed that many research by Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development did not reach the farmers for the lack of extension workers number and their limited access to the extension material. With the development of ICT applications some of these challenges can be minimized.

Cyber Extension (Cybex) is a web application that provides extension workers with agricultural information materials and a platform for information sharing between extension workers. Another application, Kalender Tanam Terpadu Modern (Katam) or Modern Integrated Crop Calendar was launched with both web and android versions. This application provides recommendation on crop season and appropriate innovation based on climate condition for sub district level. A more recent application that has just been launched, TANAM, is an android based application that provides agricultural information which includes production center, land and variety suitability, agricultural production facilities (seeds, fertilizers, farms, etc.) and agricultural consultation with experts.

For the farmers, ePetani website has been launched to provide the latest agricultural information and as a platform for consultation with experts, discussion forum, market place and commodity information. “Teknologi Android Kesehatan Sapi (Takesi)” is an android based application still in the development phase that is aimed to provide information on cattle disease and reproduction to be accessible by farmers. This application will connect the farmers with the nearest veterinarian and allow phone consultation with them.

The discussion can be summarized as follow:

1. At this day and age, ICT is acknowledged to be widely used by civil society. In this regard, it is common sense to utilize ICT for the development of sustainable agriculture.

2. However, the agriculture sector is mostly buildup of small farmers that still does not have access to ICT. Therefore, agriculture practitioner should also realize the need to improve the capacity of extension workers in ICT to relay information to marginalized farmers.

3. The biggest challenge on ICT is the ability to sustain and maintain its effective use. Sustainability of facilities already provided is critical for the use of ICT to its fullest potential.


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