2017 Indonesia Development Forum: Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Livelihood

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


On Wednesday, 9 August 2017, CAPSA staff participated in the 2017 Indonesia Development Forum jointly held by the Ministry of National Development Planning of Indonesia (BAPPENAS) and the Australian Government. The Forum is a platform for Indonesian leaders to develop strategies for better growth in Indonesia, to strengthen cooperation amongst them, as well as to gain insight from academia, NGO, the private sector, and other members of society.

On the session of “The future smallholders: feeding the world and sustainable income” the speakers shared their experiences to enhance the livelihood of smallholder farmers and fishermen in some parts of Indonesia. There are same lessons learned identified from their efforts working with the rural communities. Involving local leaders and empower women and youth are found to be the best way in reaching out the rural community and changing their mindsets from using the traditional system to adopt new innovations to improve their livelihood. Product diversification, focusing on regional advantage and entrepreneurship were introduced to the smallholders to secure their sustainable income. Forming farmers or fishermen groups has been proven to be more effective in approaching financial institution to get better financial assistance and have better access to markets rather than doing it individually.

On the session of “Inequality in its Context” the speakers shared the result of their research and found that income inequality and economic disparities are the main triggers of conflicts in Indonesia. The inequality could cause by geographical disadvantage, social norm (especially in women access to participate in generating income) or government policies on development issues. To reduce the inequality gap between communities, in the future there should be clear ideas from the government to be more focused on whose income needs to be increased.

CAPSA through its capacity-building, analytical work and knowledge sharing has contributed to a dialogue among stakeholders (policymaker, academia, civil society, private sector and other members of society) on rural development and smallholders issues and encourage them for implementing a set of policies for inclusive growth and sustainable rural development in countries throughout Asia Pacific. Currently, CAPSA is also working for compiling and disseminating success stories from Asia Pacific countries, on innovative policy interventions that more precisely target at income generation for people, especially in the rural areas, rather than big corporation.


More information on Indonesia Development Forum are available on their website.