Masakazu Ichimura

Masakazu Ichimura - Director

Mr. Masakazu Ichimura joined CAPSA as Director in August 2015.  Mr Ichimura studied Urban Planning and Environmental Engineering at the University of Tokyo, Japan, where he completed Master of Science (MSc). He first joined the United Nations in 1988 as Programme Officer, UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Industry and Environment Office in Paris.  He later served the UNESCAP in Bangkok, as NRL Expert on Environmental Policies (1999 – 2002) and Chief, Environment and Development Policy Section, Environment and Development Division (2005-2015), prior to his assignment as Head of CAPSA.  In his current capacity, Mr. Ichimura continues to engage in the promotion of regional cooperation for achieving sustainable development in Asia-Pacific region, with particular focus on integration of environmental and socio-economic dimensions in policy approach to food security, climate-smart/resilient agriculture and sustainable livelihood of agricultural communities.

Etwin Sabarini   Etwin Sabarini - Administrative Assistant
Responsible for all administrative process including HR, procurement, budget and finance, and general management of CAPSA office.
Fetty Prihastini   Fetty Prihastini - Public Information Assistant
Establish and manage information resources and systems; provide technical support in the development of CAPSA publications; develop and provide regular information services/products for CAPSA staff and its stakeholders.
Karlina Widyastuti   Karlina Widyastuti - Staff Assistant
Provide direct assistance to the head of CAPSA, act as liaison between CAPSA, ESCAP, Government of Indonesia, and other member countries; prepare and/ or process administrative request/ documents related to consular affairs.
Vanny Sihombing   Vanny Sihombing - Team Assistant
Provide research and administrative support; assist with monitoring and evaluation tasks.
Fransisca A. Wijaya   Fransisca Wijaya - Graphic Arts Assistant/Meeting Service
Provide design and formatting service for CAPSA information products; provide secretarial, administrative and logistics support to events; serve as petty cash custodian.
Ignatius Wibowo   Ignatius Wibowo - IT Assistant
Responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of computer systems and office IT infrastructure; conduct regular maintenance of websites, including further development and updates.
Hasan Mahdi   Hasan Mahdi - Driver
Provide transportation service and maintenance of office vehicle.
Fitria Rinawati   Fitria Rinawati - Interim Project Coordinator
Render service and provide assistance to LIFT- Myanmar project implementations and its completions as well as management of post-project evaluation and reporting to donor.