Sustainable technologies demonstrated to participants of SATNET intraregional visit in India

Friday, September 5, 2014


On day 3 (4 September, 2014) of the SATNET intraregional Visit for Smallholder Value Chain Actors being conducted in India, the participants were given a detailed demonstration of innovative products and practices for pest control. These included preparation of a herbal pest repellent and a ginger, garlic and chilli solution, demonstration of an insect light trap, and a technique for rat control. All the products and practices showcased were simple and low cost, and can be implemented using locally available material.

A feedback session was held to wrap up the visit to the Kudumbam site in Tamil Nadu (first phase of the visit). During the session, the participants highlighted Integrated Pest Management and bio-control techniques, promotion of organic farming practices at the community level, and collection of traditional knowledge as among the key learnings. They emphasized that they would disseminate this knowledge to their communities upon returning home and showcase the innovative products and technologies they had seen. 


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