UN4U event in Bogor recognizes the need for sustainable agriculture for poverty reduction and food security


Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Bogor, Indonesia


CAPSA, along with the World Food Programme, took part in the UN4U Campaign 2011 organized by the United Nations Information Centre in Indonesia held in Bogor Agriculture University (IPB). Over 200 students and lecturers, representing IPB and other universities in and around Bogor, attended the event. Initiated by the current UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in 2008, the UN4U campaign aimed at raising awareness of the work being carried out by the United Nations and its various organizations among young people through lectures, presentations and discussions.

Delivering a lecture on the theme "Agricultural sustainability for poverty reduction", Dr. Upali Wickramasinghe, Regional Adviser on Poverty Reduction and Food Security, highlighted the need to think about ways and means of feeding an ever-increasing human population, expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, without undermining the regenerative capacity of agricultural resources, namely soil, water and bio-diversity, so as to ensure that future generations will not be worse off. The questions raised by enthusiastic student participants included the desirability of the genetically modified food, impossibility of extending land areas for agriculture, food waste and excessive consumption by some groups and the capacity for feeding a growing population through sustainable agriculture.

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