Policy Advisory Services

Supporting National Efforts for Poverty Reduction and Food Security through Sustainable Agriculture

What do we offer?

We offer policy advice to ESCAP member states on how to achieve poverty reduction and food security targets through sustainable agriculture. We work with member states to support the review of existing policies and to design new strategies and programmes on:

  • Rural poverty alleviation (economic growth, rural infrastructure, risk mitigation and social safety nets),
  • Agricultural investment, and
  • Food market development (production and supply policies, markets and marketing policies, governance).

We also offer short-term, on-site trainings to policy analysts working in government ministries. The following topics can be covered:

  • Agricultural policy analysis techniques
  • Agricultural systems evaluation (competitiveness and investment and technical efficiency);
  • Poverty and food security measurements (estimation of poverty lines and food insecurity, poverty analysis for policy use, techniques for analysing poverty dynamics)

Our advantage


  • Has been identifying and analysing economic and social trends in Asia and the Pacific since 1947
  • Monitors progress of, and provides advice to, countries pursuing the UN Millennium Development Goals
  • Advocates inclusive growth that embraces all sections of the society


  • Is a subsidiary regional centre of ESCAP
  • Has been mandated by member states to work on poverty reduction and food security through sustainable agriculture
  • Works through a network of focal points including ministries and research institutes
  • Works towards a future without poverty through sustainable agriculture in Asia and the Pacific

Why is sustainable agriculture required for poverty reduction in Asia and the Pacific?

  • The majority of poor live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihoods
  • Agricultural growth is key to poverty reduction
  • Countries on the path to achieving the Millennium Development Goals are those that effectively developed their agricultural sectors
  • The poor can move out of poverty faster if agricultural policy addresses key constraints of agrarian households viz.
    • Unsustainable agricultural practices
    • Poor access to productive assets, financial services, agricultural support services and markets
    • Lack of opportunities in the rural non-farm sector
    • Poor rural infrastructure

How to apply for Advisory Services?

ESCAP member states and associate member states are eligible for the services of the Regional Adviser free of charge. Official requests should be submitted to the Executive Secretary of ESCAP at the address given below:

The Executive Secretary:

UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
United Nations Building
Rajadamnern Nok Avenue
Bangkok 10200, THAILAND
F: +66 2 288 1000

Further information, please contact:

Dr. Upali Wickramasinghe
Regional Adviser on Poverty Reduction and Food Security
Jl. Merdeka 145
Bogor 16111, INDONESIA
P: +62 251 834 3277, 835 6813
F: +62 251 833 6290