Adding value to fresh and processed produce through product certification

Type Working Paper
Language English
Series CAPSA Working Paper No. 104
Year of Publication 2009
Place of Publication
Classification Num. 631.57:006.063 Nap
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The current trend in world trade of agro-food, and the change in consumer demand patterns for food and agricultural products, has led to a fast growth of multi-national chains of retail stores in major cities in developing countries and growth in domestic retail store chains. Their presence opens a new market for high quality agro-food. While many products come from overseas, many can also be supplied locally by farmers or farmers' co-operatives or associations provided that they meet the quality and supply standards required by the store. To study and identify specific benefits from this global economic trend that can be tapped by secondary crops farmers, specifically those living in medium altitude areas, two studies were conducted in two member countries of CAPSA-ESCAP, i.e., Indonesia and the Philippines, with assistance provided by the government of France. Product certification requirements by the retailers, and best practices on product certification by the various producers and processors from farms to retailers, were studied, analysed, and collated.