Domestic supply and consumption patterns of coarse grains, pulses, roots and tuber crops in Asia and the Pacific.

Type Book, Monographs
Language English
Series CGPRT No. 45
Year of Publication 2003
Place of Publication
Publisher CGPRT Centre
Organization CGPRT Centre
Classification Num. 633 (5+9) Dom
Physical Description xvii, 90 p.
Document Open


Rural poor populations in Asia and the Pacific live mainly in disadvantaged areas, isolated, lacking infrastructure, with harsh climatic and ecological conditions. Coarse grains, pulses, roots and tubers (CGPRT crops) often offer one of the limited options for development under these circumstances. Information on the situation of these crops in national economies is limited and becomes a constraint in the design of pro-poor measures for this target group with an objective of poverty alleviation.
This monograph presents and analyzes long-term trends and the evolution of CGPRT crops in ESCAP countries. Its comprehensive, yet detailed, coverage of crops and countries make it a reference for researchers, students and analysts involved with the development of CGPRT crops in Asia and the Pacific.
Focusing on domestic supply it provides more than a mere analysis of production trends. The discussion of consumption pattern gives additional insight and understanding of the current dynamics affecting these too-often forgotten crops. With this book, due attention is paid to an important and alternative source of food, feed and income for the poorest populations of the region.