Gender integration into Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA): Tools for data collection and analysis for policy and research

Type E-Collection
Year of Publication 2016
Place of Publication
Website FAO
Classification Num. CSA-FAO-2016
Tags THEME 2


The adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices at scale requires appropriate institutional and governance mechanisms to facilitate the dissemination of information and to ensure broad participation by relevant stakeholders and targeted beneficiaries. Among the drivers influencing CSA adoption, the understanding of how gender could influence the effectiveness of these instruments is capturing increasing attention in the literature. The aim of this note is to provide some insight on the data and tools necessary when dealing with the analysis of the effects of CSA on food security, focusing on a gender perspective.This note should serve as guidance for readers that would like to engage in the study of CSA and gender. In general, this note does not aim to be comprehensive and complete, but it indicates the main challenges and tools identifiable for this type of study.