Policy Paper on Promoting Participatory Decision-making for Better Policy Design and Implementation for Sustainable Agriculture in Myanmar’s Dry Zone (Updated)

Type Working Paper
Authorship Wissink, Thijs
Language English
Series CAPSA Working Paper No. 111
Year of Publication 2017
Place of Publication
Website www.uncapsa.org
Physical Description xxv, 66 p.
Document Open
Geographic Heading MYANMAR


This paper mainly focuses on the involvement of farmers or the public and other stakeholders (in particular, civil society and private sector) in decision-making by the government, as well as the involvement of government employees in decision-making within the government in Myanmar. Participatory decision-making has clear advantages in the different agroecological zones of Myanmar. In the case of the Dry Zone, participatory decision-making can bring particular benefits, as this area of the country is suffering significantly from the effects of climate change. Successfully adapting to changing circumstances requires all stakeholders to share their knowledge and work together.